Nobody cares

Nobody cares

Anastasia van Noorden wrote about the carelessness of the world after 1000 days of agony and destruction.

“I agree with you…the neighbouring countries haven’t done much to help. And the rest of the world has other priorities and no opinion, compassion, care or solidarity.

The capitalist’s world has no opinion when they see and hear about dehumanizing situations as you describe. Unless the capitalist world can benefit from it. There is a selective ‘rationale’ behind where and when to help; can the capitalistic world benefit from it or not. If not, than the involved people in situations as you describe, are fucked by the capitalist’s opinion! We are waiting for God, Allah, politicians, politics and military to resolve all, yet so far it hasn’t brought any immediate relief and help for those who desperately need it right now.

The Human Rights Declaration is a load of tosh. Instead of humanizing, these rights seem to encourage dehumanizing of mankind with just the blink of an eye. And the worst part is that we all want to believe otherwise.

What a shameless and deep – beyond words can ever express -, human tragedy… What a cold and dark place this world is.”



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