Reflections on loss and success in quest of justice.

Reflections on loss and success in quest of justice.

By Shimaa from Tahrir Square

3 years is not a long time in the history of mankind and nations.
Someone in their early twenties is considerably young for death.
But this is not how I look at it.

The amount of change that took place in Egypt, in the Arab and Muslim world, and in the whole world in the last 3 years is immense.
My friends are martyred in their early twenties but the weight their lives had and the influence their martyrdom brought is huge.

As one of the Egyptian revolutionaries I look up to once told someone asking them about their affiliation: “You’re asking me which political party I’m affiliated with? I’m with the party whose win is a win, and whose loss is also a win”.

I’m a winner with the position I picked up even if it means death or traumas and material loss, my friends in prisons are winners, my friends in the graves are winners.

The only losers are the oppressors, and the ones who chose to be silent or justified the oppression. These are the real losers in the game even while they remain happy, safe, sound, free of harm, and around their loved ones.

About the author:
Shimaa Helmy is an Egyptian human rights advocate, media producer and social media expert from Cairo,Egypt.


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