The Facts about Kassab


A special post from Filor Nigo regarding Kassab

First and foremost, my thoughts are with all those who have fled Kessab in the last few days. I wish everyone safety and hope for peace in Kessab and a safe return for all who have fled. That being said, the discussion around the events that have unfolded in Kessab has been disappointing at the least, and Armenia media and others who have encouraged the spread of false information have blown these unfortunate events into something that they simply are not.

This is not a “continuation of the Genocide”, nor is it an evil Turkish plot to attack an Armenian town. This pervasive idea that whatever happens to Armenians in Syria (as part of Syria’s larger conflict) is in any way tied to the Genocide is pathetic. It is nothing but a weak and dis-empowering narrative pushed by those who have absolutely…

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