#The_Drops_Of_Water_Battle #Fighting_for_Amr_Rabie_Appearance

#The_Drops_Of_Water_Battle #Fighting_for_Amr_Rabie_Appearance

Amr Mohamed Morsi Rabie is a 21 years old , third year student of Mechanical Engineering at Cairo University. Amr is one of the founders of the community service initiative Engineering Resala( Message), which is known for its charity activities including; convoys , entertaining activities for orphans , and general awareness campaigns. Amr took part in the 25th January Egyptian Revolution, which called for the ousting of the injustice regime and demanded freedom and social justice for all citizens. But soon the hopes and dreams of the 25th January revolution faded away.
Following the military coup that took place on July 3rd many killings and arrests were committed by the hands of the military and security forces, especially against youth during demonstrations against the military coup authorities. Amr was kidnapped on March 11, 2014 from Ramses Square by armed groups dressed in civilian clothes and was taken to an unknown location. Until now there is no news about Amr’s location and he has not been presented to any investigation authority.
Amr’s father has reported the case to the public prosecutor on March 15, accusing the interior minister and Cairo’s General Security Officer of kidnapping and killing his son. This case #5578 of the year 2014 is still under investigation. Amr’s parents, lawyers among others have exhausted all efforts in searching for him, they have searched for his name in all the prisoners’ and detainees registration documents. They have searched in every police station and prison but they have not found his name nor did they find him wanted for any crime.
We hereby accuse the so-called Marshal Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sisi , the so-called Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim , and the so-called President of the Republic Adli Mansour of kidnapping Amr. In addition we accuse the so-called Public Prosecutor Hisham Barakat of covering up on the crime.
This is a message for every free human being all over the world asking her/him to support Amr Rabie’s case. Help us save Amr Rabie and the hundreds of youth who have been kidnapped by the security forces and their place remain unknown until today. We do not know what kind of treatment they have been receiving. We can only wonder whether they are dead or alive. Speak up for your silence costs the life of another human being.



Source: معركة أظهار عمرو ربيع
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/amrrabiee999


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