Syrian Revolutionaries “Elect the Revolution” Demonstration

Global Revolution Live

On 3 June, 2014 an alternative election was held and supervised by the Syrian Revolution Coordinators’ Union (#SYRCU) called the “legitimate elections” on the same day in rural areas controlled by the rebels and just meters away from the centres of Bashar Al-Assad farce elections.

SYRCU organized an event ‘#elect_the_revolution’ by opening its own counter elections in the liberated areas inside Syria and ‘resort areas’ of the Syrian people like Al-Zataari camp and along the Syrian-Turkish borders. Centres opened to the voters to allow votes of free Syrians. SYRCU published a list of candidates chosen from the Syrian heroes who have been martyred to date while fighting for freedom for the Syrian nation. There were 20 polling centres in liberated areas across Syria supervised by SYRCU activists, they hung pictures of the martyrs and freedom mottoes, refusing the ludicrousness of the regime farce and blood elections.

True election…

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