Warrants, Raids & DNA Samples: Indigenous Resistance Under Attack In Vancouver [Interview w/ Zig Zag of Warrior Publications]


warrior publications make-a-stand-graphicEarlier this month a house in East Vancouver was raided under pretext of investigating “anti-pipeline graffiti.” At 9am on June 3rd, the police had their guns drawn and pointed at four residents plus their one guest while removing them from the home one-by-one. These residents happened to be radicals involved in Indigenous resistance and anarchist projects in the city– including Zig Zag, the editor of the Warrior Publications. In this police burglary-by-warrant, the pigs took laptops, books, notebooks, USB keys, cell phones and banners. And of course, as with all raids, they confiscated black hoodies.

Last week, the police went even further, returning for a second time to issue a warrant for a DNA sampling from one of Zig Zag’s housemates. They arrested him and took him to the police station where they took a blood sample without his consent.

Read here for the latest update.

The following  is an “interview”…

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