Why the UNESCO is Silent on the Destruction of a 7th Century Historic Mosque?


The entire world is witnessing the ongoing barbaric inhumane Israeli assaults on the Gaza strip which have already taken more than 2,000 innocent Palestinian civilians including several hundred children. Not only that, we’ve already seen how the animal inhabitants of the only zoo in Gaza were targeted and killed by the Israeli terrorism. Before that they also bombed the UNRWA schools. And in this month-long Israeli assaults destroyed more than 90 mosques in Gaza.

Targeting the Mosques and Heritage sites:

Targeting the mosque isn’t a new plan for Israel. In Aug 1969, they torched the third holiest Mosque and a heritage building Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Although the week long Israeli attack of 2012 didn’t hit a single mosque, however during the three-week long assault of 2008-09, Israel shelled at least 17 mosques and toppled some 20 minarets in Gaza.

In the ongoing assault, as already mentioned above, it…

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