#YouStink Grows To Pose Real Challenge to Lebanese State


Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.44.40 PM Lebanese activists hold up a makeshift shield as they are sprayed by riot police using water cannons during a protest against the Lebanese government and an ongoing trash crisis in downtown Beirut, Lebanon, on August 23, 2015. Photo: Hassan Ammar / AP

Over the past few weeks protesters in Lebanon have reemerged after a slumber in great numbers, talking over downtown Beirut. “You Stink” protests, which started as a result of a “garbage crisis” and government incompetence have been met with severe repression leading to one death and hundreds of injuries. Bay Area Intifada reached out to a comrade on the ground who has been engaged in the demonstrations. Leyla is an anti-authoritarian queer from Beirut in their late 20’s. The following interview was conducted on Monday August 30th – Thursday Sept 3rd. No changes or edits have been to the text.

Beirut, Lebanon

*Q: Can you talk about what…

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