The Chairperson Of The Foreign Relations Committee Of The Egyptian Parliament in Exile Wishes To Extend Condolences To The Mexican People


The Egyptian-Mexican diplomatic relations had been always full of cordiality and respect, these were established in late 1950s. Since then, relations between the two countries have been progressing in different fields.

  • Both countries played host to the African-Latin dialogue forums in Cairo and Mexico since early 1980s.
  • Mexico took part in the G-15 meeting in Cairo on May 12-13, 1998.
  • The two countries have been working with the Middle East and Latin American countries to join the non-proliferation treaty and combat poverty.

Egypt and Mexico have been working to boost their economic and trade ties.

  • In 1998, the Egyptian-Mexican trade exchange totaled $24.388 million.

On the cultural level, ties between the two countries have been advancing in the recent years, which were characterized in the following:

  • The Egyptian-Mexican Friendship Association, which was established in August 1998.
  • The Association for Friends of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, which was established in June 1994 to acquaint the Mexican people with the Egyptian civilizational project.
  • The Egyptian-Mexican Association for Egyptology, established in January 1996.  Mexican-flag-Getty-Images

Despite such relationship between these nations it’s  still not enough and while the Mexican – Egyptian relationship still don’t have a clear information about the real facts to shoot Mexican-American and Egyptian tourists, I received a Letter-from-the-Egyptian-Parliament-to-the-President-of-Mexico* where they expose Al-Sisi’s crack down against their own people and how they are working for democracy and I hope that the Mexican government finally, open their doors to the Egyptian Parliament Abroad and discuss such important things that affect civilians and politicians in general when corruption and some other factors are key to live in peace.

In this letter the Parliament absolutely rejects the use of unnecessary force and how they only think the responsibility is from the military coup party, they expose how through corruption and a coup d’état torn the country in a place where impunity’s rampant and the affected are the civilians. Even mention to us how Human Rights and Amnesty International have been covering and documenting these events. On the other hand the Mexican political situation is not at it’s best moment, when the country demands respect for Human Rights, and in the middle of Ayotzinapa’s investigation, demonstrations, and the parents of these students on a hunger strike that started two days ago, even today in the Mexican radio they made an interview to one of the survivors – of course the media is making a big circus about our own peoples’ death – and he spoke about what they went through, when we listen such statements and the global idea of “war on terrorism”  the misinformation and lack of communication can, if we aren’t careful, spread hate and a type of xenophobia against the Muslim worldwide community.  Considering that it’s not so easy to find information in Spanish.

Two countries wanting a change, wanting real democracy and security for it’s citizens, after all, we aren’t so different, it’s time to stand with justice; countries maybe separated in language but united in humanity. Mexico has to start to dialogue with the Egyptian Parliament Abroad and work together for the future of our next generations, with a rich economical, political, cultural and historical exchange.

When we as humanity see and understand that we are the same, and look for dialogue and stop the acceptance of tyrants and dictators we will start to see changes in the world.

“Good wishes for the peaceful revolutionaries in Egypt and throughout the Muslim world who work for freedom, justice and rule of law.”

*Published with permission of the Egyptian Parliament Abroad.


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