Bay Area Intifada Update from Afghanistan


***Note: One of our BAI contributors sent us this journal from Afghanistan. It has been extremely difficult to film as they can afford “handlers” and bringing that much attention on one’s self could get them stuffed into the trunk of a car.

Currently in Jalabad city listening to a 10yr old kid tell me a story of when Daesh came to his village and sat 10 people on top of bombs and blew them up in front of them and other villagers.

He says they must have been Pakistani because they only spoke urdu and had a translator with them.

As of now they’re relatively small and are suggested to be numbering around 3000 but I don’t think its even possible to know because its a mass state of confusion out here.
Its very clear that the security situation is far worse than this time last year.

The Taliban have proven there…

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