You look healthy

Beating Eating Disorders

Title: “You look healthy”.
Author: Anonymous

Does not mean ‘You look fat’. It does not mean ‘You’ve gained loads of weight.’ Or ‘You’re clearly fine now’. Or ‘You obviously don’t have a real eating disorder’. It does not mean ‘You don’t deserve help anymore’, and it does not mean ‘You’re huge’.
What it could mean is:
Your face isn’t deathly white anymore. The dark circles under your eyes have gone, and you have a sparkle back in your eyes when you smile.
Your hair is growing back again, longer and thicker, glossier rather than brittle, thin and falling out in clumps.
Your skin is clearer again. Smooth and clear, not dry and covered in the spots that make lack of nutrition so very obvious.
Your smile looks real again. It goes to your eyes, and you look genuinely happy when you smile.
You seem present in the room when you…

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