Nakh people – Chechen men women traditional costumes

North Caucasus Land

chechnya girls-chechen-women-costume-north-caucasus-people-nakh

The Chechens are an ethnic group of the Nakh people; the Nakh  (Chechen, Ingush and Kist) belong to the Northeast Caucasian family.

The Chechen population counts 1.500.000 people; up to 500.000 were displaced to Europe after the second war (in Germany, France, Scandinavia, Poland, Belgium).

Chechens refer to themselves as “Noxchi”.

North Caucasus people Chechnya chechen men  traditional costume nakh Vainakh

Chechen society is a very traditional one. Men are seen as sole bread winners in the family household, while women’s duty and main purpose in life is to become a wife and good mother. It’s a society divided on sexes (like most conservative muslim societies) – men and women do not usually socialize unless they are related.

You may read  a comprehensive book on Chechens (or download)  HERE – pdf book, need Adobe reader installed.

or get it on Amazon The Chechens: A Handbook



Chechen dance ensemble “Vainakh”, founded in 1939 (in the full dance program, they…

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