“We Are Forgotten But We Have Not Forgotten”- Chechens Rally Across Europe To Remember 1994 Invasion


On 11 December the Organizing Committee of the Chechen Diaspora held rallies across cities in Europe to commemorate the date of the initial invasion of Russia to the free and independent Chechen nation of ChRI, Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, beginning the first Russian – Chechen War on 11 December 1994.

A public call to action was sent out explaining, “22 years ago on 11 December 1994, Russia invaded the sovereign nation of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria on the orders of Russian President Boris Yeltsin.
Since the aggression which began on 11 December, 1994 Russian ‘troops’ have killed one fourth of the population of Ichkeria [over 250,000- as high as 300,000], including 42,000 children. Hundreds of thousands of Chechens have been forced to flee over the years and are currently scattered all around the world.
In connection with the 22nd anniversary of the Russian aggression against the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, We call upon all people of good will to come out to protest and support the Chechen people in the just struggle against Russian fascism.”

An initial video was released by well known social and political activist, Mansur Sadulaev asking the international community for support and thanking the world peoples who have and continue to support the Chechen struggle for freedom, independence and justice and standing in solidarity with Chechens against Russian imperialism and aggression:

Rallies were held in Austria, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Germany. Below is a summary of media from each of these events:

Germany, Hamburg:

During the rally dedicated to the anniversary of the first Russian-Chechen war held in Germany on 11 December 2016, social and political activist Mansur Sadulaev addressed  threats and attacks against the Chechen diaspora in Europe done on the orders of Putin’s puppet in occupied Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov.

Sweden, Stockholm:

Protesters in Sweden made a statement to the international community comparing the history of the Russian-Chechen with what is happening in Aleppo, Syria and in Ukraine today

Norway, Oslo:

Chechens gathered in front of the Russian Embassy in Oslo Sweden to recall the events of this memorable date and expressed confidence in the imminent liberation of their homelands which is fully occupied by Russia at this time

Finland, Helsinki:

The well-known Chechen human rights activist Musa Lomaev conducted a live broadcast of the rally on facebook and instagram. The action in Helsinki was supported by Ukrainian activists who are currently also fighting against Russian aggression and occupation of the Eastern regions of their Country and the peninsula of Crimea which is homelands to the indigenous Crimean Tatar peoples.

Denmark, Copenhagen:

Chechen commander of the Dudayev Battalion in Ukraine, Adam Osmaev, made a video statement remembering the events of 11 December 1994 and the Chechen peoples heroic resistance and fight to remain free despite being out numbered in manpower and not having sophisticated technical weaponry.

Even though many Chechens are faced with on-going threats by Kadyrov or pro Russian occupation provocateurs of being targeted with violence to themselves and and to their families, both in Europe and those still living in occupied Chechen Republic, that did not discourage people from participating in the event held in Austria on 11 December [video can be found here]. The protesters emphasized the importance of remembering these recent events of their peoples history and to continue to fight for their right to self-determination.

A summary video of these entire events across Europe on 11 December 2016 can be viewed below: