India: Child abduction law may cover women’s interests — ABP World Group – Parental Abduction Recovery

The aim is to put adequate safeguards to protect NRI parents, especially women, who remove a child from the lawful custody of their spouse. source An NRI woman should have the right to refuse the return of her child to the spouse, from whom she separated on grounds of domestic violence, a high-level panel examining […]

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Skinhead White Men With Tattoos, Skin Tight Hijabis And Why It’s Wrong To Judge People Based On Their Appearance

Babar Ahmad

I used to judge people based on their outer appearance. Until it happened to me. And then I didn’t like it one bit.

I used to think every white man with a shaved head and tattoos was a racist. Perhaps I might be forgiven for thinking that way.

Growing up in 80s Britain, the racist 80s, those who called me “Paki” were… you guessed it, shaved head white men with tattoos.

When it comes to Islam, most ignorant Muslims judge everyone else except themselves. I was no different.

I would judge other Muslims based on their outward appearance. I would consider a man with a long beard, in traditional clothing, with “inshallah” “mashallah” flowing out of his mouth, a righteous person.

I would consider every woman in a hijab or niqab to be devout and of good character.

I wouldn’t think much of others because I was quick to form a…

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Iran: Women “Sold” Abroad

Iran Commentary


Reports of Iran’s executions across the country and involvement in horrific killings in Syria, parallel to billions in embezzlement and extortion, and senior officials stashing huge wealth, have every now and then covered the news headlines. However, an atrocious phenomenon has unfortunately gone neglected: The organized smuggling and sale of Iranian women and girls abroad!

Read a few lines from the Airal website under a report titled, “Iranian women and girls smuggled to neighboring countries.”

“… head of Iran’s Reprimand Organization spoke of Iranian women and girls smuggled to neighboring countries…

“… statistically, the number of Iranian women and girls’ smuggled can be compared to the crisis of smuggled goods.

“… no serious measure is taken to control this trade.

“… such conditions have without a doubt imposed all-out sexual slavery for Iranian women and girls.”

“These women and girls are presented in coffee shops and luxury hotel restaurants in…

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#SaveWadiBarada: A summary about the situation in #WadiBarada valley


savewadibaradaWadi Barada valley is an area where several villages and towns are located at the Barada River bank. The villages are Ain Al-Khadra, Bassima, Ain Al-Fijah, Deir Meqarren, Kafr Al-Zait, Deir Qanoun, Al-Hussainiyah, Kafr Al-Awameed, Barhalia, and Wadi Barada marketplace.
All of these villages are located at the foothill of two mountain ranges.
These areas have been liberated since early 2012, and they are strategically important because Ain Al-Fijeh water spring which provides Damascus with water is located there. In addition, these areas link the areas of Al-Hameh and Qudsayya in the east with Al-Zabadani and Madaya in the west, and Al-Qalamoun and Rankous in the north.

The Iranian Regime’s IRGC and Militia Conspire to Violate the Truce in Syria

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and its affiliated militia are making every effort to breach the ceasefire and resume killing innocent people on the orders of the Iranian regime’s…

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To “leftist” admirers of Assad’s Syria


By Farouk Mardam-Bey

As a Syrian who has always identified politically with the left, I am particularly appalled by those men and women who call themselves left-wingers — and are therefore supposed to stand in solidarity with struggles for justice worldwide — and yet openly support the regime of the Assads, father and son, who are chiefly responsible for the Syrian disaster.

Following four months of intense bombardment by the Russian air force, Bashar Al-Assad’s army, along with Shiite militias hailing from everywhere and mobilized by the Iranian mullahs, have now finished ‘liberating’ Eastern Aleppo. Liberated from whom? From its inhabitants. More than 250,000 inhabitants were forced to flee their own city to escape massacres, as had the people of Zabadani and Daraya before them, and as will many more Syrians if systematic social and sectarian ‘cleansing’ continues in their country under the cover of a massive media disinformation campaign.

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Malek Maktabi’s Story of Zainab & Her Sri Lankan Mother Deepa Is A Disgrace To The Lebanese State

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

I am angry. Nay, angry is an understatement, I am livid. Anger wasn’t the only thing I felt yesterday. I was also deeply ashamed to be a citizen of a country where the story that Malek Maktabi’s show, in a rare instance of journalistic integrity, portrayed not only could happen, but is probably part of a bigger array of stories just waiting to be told.

The story, summarized, is as follows:

In 1991, Deepa Darmasiri was a Sri Lankan working as a housekeeper at a Lebanese household in the South. The husband in the household she was working in, whose name was always bleeped out and never mentioned, one day raped Deepa at knife-point, leading her to become pregnant.

Deepa did not want to get an abortion because she “never could imagine not meeting her child.” So she carried the baby to term. To make his rape legal and to be…

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School uses PREVENT to Threaten Muslim Parent Who Requested Pupil Removal from Christmas Assembly


letterfromheadteacherthreateningwithpreventchristmas_redacted1 Click to enlarge

Christmas, it seems is another issue which annually crops up to force the “Muslim Question”, whilst curiously obviating the uncomfortable issue of religious rights to hold, and by implication exclude particular beliefs and practices. Of course, this discriminatory focus on Muslims (the Jewish minority, for instance, are comparatively absent from this discourse) has consequences. Over a week ago, it was reported that a Muslim woman in Australia was subjected to a brutal verbal and physical attack after she replied “happy holidays” to the attacker’s “merry Christmas”. Incidentally, I doubt Louise Casey would regarding uttering “merry Christmas” as a sign of vulnerability to “extremism” and consequently, “violent extremism”.

There are milder but still manifestly detrimental consequences here in Britain too.  Last year, Police Commander Mak Chishty moronically stated that children who regarded Christmas as religiously prohibited were subscribing to an “Islamist” view.  They were therefore not “moderate”…

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Those of us who concern ourselves with the Syrian revolutionary war will be more than familiar with the old line, almost solely repeated by leftists and self-proclaimed anti-imperialists, that they simply just can’t support the Syrian rebels because they’re ‘supported by imperialism’.  In its even more crude and directly antagonistic form, the narrative is that the rebels are ‘proxies of imperialism’ or stooges of forces that are deemed to be in the wrong ‘camp’, such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar.  The logic of this is inherently irrational and/or downright perfidious.

Firstly, it’s usually wielded not as any kind of genuinely analytical point, but rather merely as a means to deny support for and even just interest in the Syrian rebels and the revolution in general.  It’s a position shaped by counter-revolution, Eurocentrism and isolationism rather than any form of progressivism.  In different circumstances, this intercedes with sectarianism, different forms…

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La última actualización en la ciudad de #Alepo | Diciembre 15, 2016

La Media Luna Roja Árabe Siria logró evacuar a 1,150 personas incluyendo 200 heridos de los distritos asediados en Alepo hacia el oeste de la campiña de esta ciudad. Donde la evacuación fue obstruida durante dos días. Así como, fuerzas a favor del gobierno dispararon a miembros de la defensa civil e hirieron a otras personas, quienes, se suponía serían evacuadas en la mañana, lo que tuvo como resultado tres heridos de la defensa civil, incluyendo el director de ésta en la ciudad.

Los vehículos comenzaron a moverse a las 16:00 hrs.
La Media Luna Roja Siria está preparando otro convoy en la ciudad y, entonces, se reanudará el mismo proceso de ayer.

Fuente: Syrian Institute for Justice 



Iran: letter from political prisoner to int’l rights orgs

Iran Commentary

2016112917655478315881_political-prisoner-golrokh-ibrahimi-iraie Political prisoner Golrokh Ibrahimi Iraie

Political prisoner Golrokh Ibrahim Iraie issued a letter to her husband, Arash Sadeghi and international human rights organizations, supporting his hunger strike.
Political prisoner Arash Sadeghi has been on hunger strike for the past 37 days, protesting inhumane prison conditions and the arrest of his wife, Golrokh Ibrahimi Iraie. His conditions are currently reported as dire.

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