Skinhead White Men With Tattoos, Skin Tight Hijabis And Why It’s Wrong To Judge People Based On Their Appearance

Babar Ahmad

I used to judge people based on their outer appearance. Until it happened to me. And then I didn’t like it one bit.

I used to think every white man with a shaved head and tattoos was a racist. Perhaps I might be forgiven for thinking that way.

Growing up in 80s Britain, the racist 80s, those who called me “Paki” were… you guessed it, shaved head white men with tattoos.

When it comes to Islam, most ignorant Muslims judge everyone else except themselves. I was no different.

I would judge other Muslims based on their outward appearance. I would consider a man with a long beard, in traditional clothing, with “inshallah” “mashallah” flowing out of his mouth, a righteous person.

I would consider every woman in a hijab or niqab to be devout and of good character.

I wouldn’t think much of others because I was quick to form a…

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